Kiwi and Orange Salad

Fruit salad after a St. Patty’s day lunch, what a great way to enjoy kiwis and oranges on a beautiful Spring day! My guests commented that they really didn’t eat kiwis that often but that these kiwis ( certified California organic kiwis from Betty’s Organics) were the best they have ever tasted. I peeled and sliced 6 kiwis, cut 2 oranges into segments and arranged them on salad plates. I saved the juice from the oranges in a small bowl, added a teaspoon of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon, then I poured the juice mixture on top of the fruit. I have a giant pot of mint by my back door and it’s full of the cutest little mint buds so it’s been going in, on or around a lot of things coming out of my kitchen these days. I also made banana bread from my surplus of ripe bananas and served it with my fruit salad. My friend Janice and her friend Kathy, both Presentation High School alums had a little reunion before we enjoyed our lunch. They both wore green shirts with shamrocks, I enjoy spending time with people who take their holidays seriously.

I also made the Kona Inn recipe for banana bread.

I played around with the food and took pictures while they reminisced about the good old days!


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