About Patty

I come from a family of good cooks, food and wine lovers.  Weekends were times spent in the garden and in the kitchen preparing meals for family and friends.  I have continued this tradition in my own home with my family and friends.  I have always had a passion for cooking which started when I was a child baking cookies with my mother.  I branched out in high school and started baking bread for the family.  The first time I saw a professional baker roll out a pie crust I was hooked and never turned back in my pursuit of learning to bake and trying new recipes.  I’m married to Scott and raised three children, Jennifer, Katie and Taylor.  I have three grandchildren, Noah, JD and Gracie Jane.  I also have a wonderful son-in-law Shane who also loves to cook for his family.  I never attended culinary school but I’ve taken many cooking classes over the years.  I also worked in the kitchen at Bisou and Coco 500 in San Francisco as a pastry assistant.  A friend of mine who is a wine maker in France helped me find a stage de cuisine at a three star restaurant in Burgundy which was a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in learning the french language as well as learning about french food.  I made a few close friends in France and try to get back at least one a year for a visit and a few good meals!  I started my blog to share my recipes but find myself always wanting to try new things.  I am also enjoying the interaction with a community of food bloggers who share my passion for cooking and sharing.


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